Interview with Tom Silver On How You Can Become A Confident Stage Hypnotist In Only 2 -Days…

Become a Confident Stage Hypnotist in only 2 -days in the STAGE HYPNOSIS SECRETS REVEALED TRAINING

Additional Training not offered by ANY other Hypnotist

Preparing your subjects for deep hypnotic somnambulism in seconds...

As an internationally renowned Stage Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist with over 25 years experience, Tom Silver has toured America and the world appearing on more television shows than any other stage hypnotist.


Learn the Complete Setup of a Professional Stage Hypnosis Show – All steps from A to Z AND you will learn how to be a powerful stagehypnotist on:

  • Television Hypnosis Show Demonstrations
  • Presenting yourself confidently to the general audience
  • Types of hypnotic phenomenon to produce on television
  • Preparing for large amounts of business

And much more...

You wil learn in Your STAGE Hypnosis Training:

  • Complete Setup of a Professional Stage Hypnosis Show – All steps from A to Z.
  • Suggestibility Tests – Test audience receptivity for your stage show!
  • Audience Participation Experiments – Fun activities getting everyone to laugh and like you.
  • Talking to Your Audience – Public speaking skills, gesturing, and voicing skills.
  • Pre-Inductions – Your opening speech to the audience, explaining the powers of hypnosis.
  • Group Inductions – Various techniques to hypnotize groups of people.
  • Instant and Rapid Inductions – Hypnotize your volunteers rapidly!
  • Hypnosis Depth Testing – Knowing how deep your subjects are in hypnosis.
  • Stage Hypnosis Routines – Enough ideas to entertain for HOURS and how to make your own.
  • Safety Precautions – What to do to ensure the safety of your volunteers.
  • Legal Issues – Insurance, contracts, agreements, tax information and more.
  • Sound Effects and Background Music – Incorporating music & sound effects with skits.
  • Show Pricing – Know how much to charge for any event.
  • Promotional Materials – Producing videos, brochures, web sites and more.
  • Marketing – Generating business, ways to advertise without paying a dime and much more.
  • Back End Sales – Sell your own stage show videos and products at the show doubling your profit for the night.


Tom Silver's two day special stagehypnosis training

Stage Hypnosis Training

13 en 14 november 2018

Time schedule:

9:30 - 17:30 daily


NLP Life Academy

Training Institute

Bleijenburg 29

2511 VC Den Haag

5 minuten lopen van CS


regular price in the US: 2995 dollar
now only 745 euro
(nog 10 plaatsen)
ask for the special discount when you have also singed up for training 1 or 2 in novermber 2018
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Stage Hypnosis Training


Stage Hypnosis Training