Discover the 1 YEAR Hypnotherapy Mastery Mentorship Program, LIVE on ZOOM 

Learn the best hypnotherapy skills, get specialized knowledge about your mind and transform yourself 

You Will Get:

- Online LIVE on ZOOM 1 YEAR training, teaching and practice for the application of conversational hypnosis, professional hypnotherapy and powerful self hypnosis techniques (you can even make a full/part time living)

- lots of fun practicing interpersonal skills, conversational coaching techniques and out-of-the-box thinking 

- massive increase in your confidence, more freedom in self expression and clarity around your life mission
- impressive LIVE (online) demonstrations to see hypnotherapy and conversational hypnosis in action; so you can use it to benefit others 

- powerful exercises, "deep work" and personal coaching

- specialized knowledge for discovering and changing unwanted unconscious patterns and personal blockages
- advanced communication skills how you can help other people 

- Monthly Personal Coaching online live on ZOOM for removal of any emotional blockage, reaching personal goals and changing unwanted patterns

- Monthly Personal Mentorship 1-on-1 for the application of conversational hypnosis and professional hypnotherapy 

- Certification after finishing the one year program from the IAPCH and the NLP Life Academy. 

Every saterday morning 10:00 - 12:00 (New York, EDT)
from 23 may 2020 till 15 may 2021, 47 euro a month

10:00 -10:30: hypnotic induction and guided meditation for relaxation, passion and PURE EMPOWERMENT

10:30 - 11:30: LIVE online teachings on ZOOM. for hypnotherapy techniques, conversational hypnosis and out-of-the-box techniques and skills

11:30 - 12:00 Powerful coaching exercises to make positive changes, specialized knowledge for changing unwanted personal patterns and blockages 
1 year training, 47 euro a month