Scientific hypnosis training 

Leer Hypnotherapie 
met Tom Silver in Den Haag

Stagehypnosis training 2-daagse training

Bekijk deze video en leer hypnose van Tom Silver in Nederland!

Tom Silver geeft drie trainingen in november; hypnotherapie 1 en 2 en Stagehypnose

Hypnotherapie training Scientific Hypnosis 1.0 data:1,2,3,4 november 

Je leert:

  • Tom's scientific secrets of magical brainwave states
  • Tom's Physical shock inductions methods
  • The best of Tom's (TV style) Hypnotic Inductions
  • how to deepen your subject instantly
  • Visualization affirmation projection (powerful)
  • How you can make "the unconscious contract"
  • EEG Brainwave Science
  • How to do a Weight Loss session (Tom Silver style)
  • How to do a Stop smoking session (Tom Silver style)
  • 4 -day ceritification training

    Tom Silver certifying Roy Martina in hypnotherapy! 

Bekijk deze video: Tom Silver over zijn twee hypnotherapie trainingen in nederland!

Tom Silver geeft drie trainingen in november; hypnotherapie 1 en 2 en Stagehypnose

ADVANCED Scientific Hypnosis 2.0; Data: 8,9,10,11 november

8,9,10, 11 november - You will learn:

  • Emotional Replacement Therapy ERT  (remove self-doubt, cure trauma's remove ALL unconcious blocks)
  • Advanced scientific hypnosis for deep unconscious transformation
  • Super Shock Misdirection Techniques
  • Neurofeedback and brainwaves technology
  • Advanced hypnotherapy EEG brainwave technology 
  • Advanced Physical Shock Induction Methods
  • Group induction techniques
  • Tom's Self hypnosis technique
  • How to run an ERT session with your own clients
  • 4 -day ceritification training 
  • Tom Silver will teach you Neurofeedback
    (EEG Brainwave monitoring) and you will be certified in EEG Hypnosis in this course" 
    Tom Silver in Holland!

Tom Silver will teach you Neurofeedback (EEG Brainwave monitoring) and you will be certified in EEG Hypnosis in this course!

You Will Get Massive Confidence In Hypnosis

Tom Silver is coming to the Netherlands to teach his two amazing Scientific Hypnosis training courses. Scientific Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy course, 4 days of intense hands on training with Tom Silver, and the Advanced Scientific Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy course, 4 days specializing in Emotion Replacement Therapy ERT® and EEG Neurofeedback Scientific Hypnosis. 

Tom doesn’t just TEACH you how… He SHOWS you how.

Then, under his instruction, you too will actually do it ’till you get it RIGHT. Tom Silver in Holland!

Grand-Master Hypnotist Tom Silver praat over zijn trainingen in Nederland...

Wees erbij: Uniek in Nederland! Tom Silver in Holland!

Watch Tom Silver on Discovery Channel!

Extreme Hypnosis With Shock Induction Methods 

You will also Be Certified in Hypnosis Safety by United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis USBCH®.

Special certification bonus for each course!


The Scientific Hypnosis Training (1.0)

1,2,3,4 november (2018) including certification

The Advanced Scientific Hypnosis Training (2.0)

8,9,10,11 november (2018) including certification

13 en 14 november 

Time schedule:

9:30 - 17:30 daily


NLP Life Academy
Training Institute
Bleijenburg 29 
2511 VC Den Haag
5 minuten lopen van CS.

Tom works with only 20 people in each course!
Reserve your place here

First ten people of each course receive a massive discount!


The Scientific Hypnosis Training (1.0)

first ten students only 995 euro (paypal tax free)

after ten people only 1395 euro (paypal tax free)

Advanced Scientific Hypnosis Training (2.0)

first ten students only 995 euro (paypal tax free)

after ten people only 1395 euro (paypal tax free)


-Mitchell Bernheim-
"Let’s get straight to business, even though I missed half a day of the 2 day seminar (migraine) I found the time spent with Tomi Silver educational and inspiring. Tomi as a teacher was fantastic… he's very approachable, willing to answer every question; his enthusiasm for us to get things right during the practise was very encouraging. As soon as I came back I was able to put ‘his teaching’ into practise and for the first time, after completing PB training in October, I [was daring enough] not to use a script! For the first time I felt in control. FANTASTIC!"

-Alexandra Lizak-

"Every one of us thought your training was absolutely brilliant. One thing though, I was very disappointed to find out just how much I didn't know!! Your enthusiasm was infectious, not for one single minute did I get bored. How you keep going all day, full of smiles etc. I don't know. You taught us a lot and it was worth every pound!"

-Marvin Jones-

"I am already using some of the rapid inductions. I like the idea of having so many to choose from - the book was great - but there's nothing like seeing them work and demonstrated right in front of you - and on you! And as a therapist - I now have more tools in my tool box.

Every client now gets a different induction each session! - It has "opened up" the scope of my practice. I am very pleased I came and will probably never forget it. I liked Tomi's very positive approach - as opposed to negative aversions - and he was approachable and friendly and helpful and genuine!"

-Melanie Phelps-

"It was just what I needed, in terms of extra skills, understanding and personal confidence. Thanks a million for a great weekend."

-Paul Vyvyan-

"Yes, I have been using the techniques to my surprise, because I felt I wouldn't be confident enough to deviate so far from what I'd previously been taught. Guess what.... they are GREAT, and now I'm beginning to feel like a real hypnotherapist because I have a much greater range of options at my disposal."

-Sian Lowther-

"I have been using some of the inductions you taught and – wow(!) - they worked wonderfully. I would like to thank you so much for all the fantastic stuff you taught us at the weekend [because it] was just wonderful. I haven't come down from it yet."

-Rebecca Hayes-

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your weekend. Not only was it incredibly instructive, but it was also such great fun. I know that as a result my life is changed forever and want to sincerely thank you for that."

-Peter Bennett-

"Fantastic weekend and yes, not only did I learn a lot, I'm practising the techniques with every client. There were lots of interesting ideas which I'm incorporating."

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Grand-Master Hypnotist TOM SILVER is coming to the Netherlands!
Tom Silver in Holland!

Get certified in scientific hypnosis and personally coached by Tom Silver!
This is a one time opportunity in the Netherlands
Tom Silver in Holland!