Advanced Regression & Transformational Therapy Training Live In The Haque The Netherlands 2020 Including the 6 essential life skills...

Advanced Regression & Transformational Therapy Certification Training

The Advanced Regression & Transformational Therapy Training is specifically for resolving burnout, depression, addictions (including co-dependency) and trauma.

You will gain a deep insight into the cliënt's problems and will confidently tackle these problems at their root and learn all the tools to solve these problems permanently in just a few sessions.

You will learn:

  • practical training in advanced regression and transformational therapy

  • practical training in the application of the 6 essential life skills

  • Practical training in the applications of the regression and the 6 essential life skills to solve burn-out, depression, addictions, co-dependency and trauma forever. 

  • how to release your client from the blocking protection and mitigation techniques of emotional pain such as having addictions, people pleasing, symbiotic relationships as adults, co-dependency, controlling others, narcissism, or the "loser" syndrome and/or roles that are unconsciously usually learned, such as survival strategies.
  • how to hold life-changing "gestalt dialogues" with your client in hypnosis.
  • how to get your client out of the "victim role" and into an "empowering" individual
  • how to successfully re-program your client by aligning the conscious and the subconscious.
  • how to tackle anger, sadness and fear at the root and turn it into a positive emotion and how to correctly read, manage and change emotions
  • how to turn your client's painful past (or present) setbacks into a guide that points the way to the client's real desire to live his or her best life.
  • insight into how to resolve depression, burn-outs and emotional pain in your client

Discover the 12 steps of Advanced Regression & Transformational Therapy

1. Objective 

2. Making contact with the dominant emotion

3. Completing sentences further exploration of memory

4. Discovering the dominant and underlying emotion 5. Age regression to the Initial Sensitizing Experience (ISE)

6. Gestalt dialogues

7. Discovering the amplifying secondary experiences

8. Re-education of the subconscious mind

9. Return to current time

10. The conscious integration of subconscious postures 11.

12. Post-hypnotic discussion

Change Old Paradigms In The Unconscious Mind With THESE
6 Essential Life Skills

Life skill #1: Managing old experiences correctly 

By reviewing experiences, you can discover how the client sets his or her limits, possibly has gaps in his or her personal boundary (identity), how the perception was and what the missing skills/"skills"/lessons are that the client needs. You want to look at old experiences with "learning eyes". 

Life skill # 2: Managing emotions correctly 

All emotions have specific messages and reasons why they are experienced. Being able to read these emotions correctly provides all the information to solve the problem. The most important emotions are anger, sadness, fear, guilt and shame all others are derived from these emotions. 

Life skill # 3: Discovering missed lessons

Every experience including setbacks, temporary failures and trauma should sooner or later be viewed through the eyes of a leader rather than a victim. What are the possibilities in this experience? This can be done by discovering the missing skills, lessons and abilities and by changing the meaning. The point of view the client chooses to take (or had subconsciously chosen with childlike eyes) with regard to the experience should be discovered and re-evaluated and in line with what the client wants to achieve in life. The viewpoint, the way of looking at the experience causes pain or healing. 

Life skill # 4: Integrating the lessons into behaviour

These missing skills, lessons and competences need to be integrated into daily life by the client. Especially when needed, at the challenging moments in the past. This gives the client the new result because new causes are set in motion. 

Life skill # 5: Commitment 

The client must first make the decision and then make the commitment to himself. Loyal learning is and remains the commitment to actually apply the missing skills, lessons and skills learned for the new result. This is the learning process in the next phase and the reward is that the new result (that the client wants) will be sensory perceptible. This is meaning and development. 

Life skill # 6: Making a personal success script

Having a Personal Success Script keeps the client on the right path and makes relapse almost impossible. It stimulates increasing awareness of the destination the client wants to reach and leadership of his or her life. The thinking remains clear, focused and motivated. 

What is it that you really want? That is a good question and brings your client to what is really important. From the answers, the vision emerges and the vision dictates the plan and what needs to be done. Life is a path of growth with many obstacles, challenges and setbacks to get the potential out of people (education) and in this way you can contribute more to the growth and development of the environment, family, community and the whole world. A life with meaning is worth living.

"I Also Use The Advanced Regression and the 6 Essential Life Skills with my own cliënts"

Especially with cliënts who have burn-outs, depression, pain from the past, addictions, suffered from abuse (verbal, emotional, physical)."

"But also with entrepreneurs who are stuck in their own unconscious patterns and beliefs and who want to express themselves more, but have some fear of failure or are afraid to make a fool of themselves when they have to go out there and stap out to just do it, or need to be more assertive or want to be more successful in any way".

Advanced Regression & Transformational Therapy Training

NLP Life Academy 

Bleijenburg 29
2511 VC Den Haag 

25th - 30th may 2020

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